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With effect from 1 January 2018, CONGU (the body responsible for handicapping across G.B. & I) have changed the maximum competitive handicap from 28 (men) and 36 (women) to 54 for everyone. Yes, it seems an overly high number but 'them's the rules' and we are obliged to work with them.

In order to maintain a competitive handicap, players will still be required to submit a minimum of 3 qualifying cards a year and supplementary cards continue to count.

Also, with effect from 1 January 2018, CONGU will remove the maximum 10 a year restriction on supplementary cards and so the only limitation will be the hours of daylight. However, the current restrictions on Category 1 players remain.

As of January 2016, CONGU introduced the Continuous Handicap Review, or CHR, which targets players not playing to their handicap. More specifically, committees are required to identify players receiving 7 consecutive 0.1 increases (i.e. 7 rounds above their buffer zone) and take appropriate action. As we move into 2018, this will mean that some of our current 28 and 36 handicappers will see their handicaps go up but, there's nothing to worry about as they will continue to be competitive.

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