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New World Handicap System App launched

England Golf has today launched its innovative new app, My England Golf (MyEG), allowing golfers to stay up-to-date with their Handicap Index as part of the World Handicap System (WHS).

The app, available now to download for free in Apple and Google Play stores, follows on from the official transition on 2 November to the new WHS for the 1,800 golf clubs and 630,000 golfers across England.

WHS App download:

To download the new My England Golf app either search “My England Golf” or “MyEG” in your store, or follow the links below to download:

Android Play Store Apple App Store

Handicap or Rules Appeals


1.1. Decisions which relate to the Rules of Golf or to handicapping infringements fall within the England Golf Disciplinary Framework and are subject to a right of appeal as set out below.

Matter arising at,

Disciplinary body, at first instance, Appeal level

Club, Club, County

County, County, England Golf

National, England Golf, England Golf Appeals Panel

There will no further right of appeal.

1.2. If the Respondent wishes to appeal a decision of the Disciplinary Panel, they (the “Appellant”) must lodge the appeal to the Disciplinary Secretary in writing (an “Appeal Request”) within 14 days of the date of the Disciplinary Panel’s original decision being notified to the Respondent.

1.3. The Appeal Request must set out one or more of the grounds of appeal below and any further evidence on which the Appellant wishes to rely, together with reasons why the ground of appeal(s) applies. The grounds of appeal are as follows:

1.3.1. The decision was based on error of fact or could not have been reasonably reached by a Disciplinary Panel when faced with the evidence before it;

1.3.2. Serious procedural or other irregularity in the proceedings before the Disciplinary Panel;

1.3.3. Significant and relevant new evidence has become available which was not available before the conclusion of the hearing but, had it been available, may have caused the Disciplinary Panel to reach a materially different decision; and/or

1.3.4. The sanction imposed was manifestly unreasonable in the light of the facts before the Disciplinary Panel.

1.4. Following receipt of a Notice of Appeal, the Disciplinary Secretary shall consider whether the Notice of Appeal is valid, that is received in time and sets out a valid ground or grounds of appeal (but not whether any grounds of appeal have been made out). If the Disciplinary Secretary considers that the Notice of Appeal is valid, he will forward it to the County Secretary of [insert County] Union or Association as appropriate. If the Disciplinary Secretary considers that the Notice of Appeal is not valid, he will return it to the Respondent and explain why it is not valid.

1.5. The BB&O Union or Association Disciplinary Regulations will apply thereafter to any appeal, unless England Golf has determined that it should hear the matter, in which case the England Golf Disciplinary Regulations will apply

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