World Handicap System

World Handicap System – There has been a lot of mis-information regarding the WHS which comes in to force on 2nd November.

The club has decided it will send out a weekly fact sheet over the next 4 weeks to clarify how the WHS will work & how it affects you.

The information will be packaged in bite size chunks so that it is easier to understand.

Please read these factual emails
the first one will be on 6th Oct

WHS Supplementary Cards

"There appears to be a misunderstanding that members need to submit cards in order to comply with the upcoming WHS requirements. This, quite simply, is wrong, as long as a player has just one card on record since January 2018, there is no need to submit further cards just for the sake of the WHS.

The misunderstanding may be caused by the fact that the basis of the new WHS system is an average of best 8 in last 20 cards. However, where a player does not have 20 cards on record, a sliding scale applies. Many of us, including myself, do not have 20 - it is not a problem.

I would also like to remind everyone that all golf clubs are required to abide by national handicapping rules which means that anyone wishing to submit a supplementary card must register first with the club. The Pro Shop maintains the register. Make sure you see your name written down in it otherwise your cards will be invalid - it is your responsibility. Numbered supplementary cards are issued so that when working remotely properly pre-registered cards can be identified easily.

Welcome to the World Handicapping System(WHS)

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