Supplementary Cards / General Play Cards

With the introduction of the WHS coming in on the 2nd Nov 2020 and the change of Supplementary cards to General play cards.

DG competition committee have decided to suspend both types of scores for the week before & the week after the 2nd of Nov to allow all cards to be cleared as supplementary and give the new system a week to settle down.

So from Midnight the 25th Oct until 8 am on 9th Nov no supplementary or General play cards will be accepted.

Cards for defining a new handicap can be submitted as normal for new members etc i.e. their 3 cards.

Before the 9th Nov information will be published on how to complete a general play card on the WHS system on DG website as well as by email & be available in the pro shop.

New Handicap

If you wish to obtain a new handicap, the process is very simple. All you need to do is complete 3 cards and the Handicaps Team will calculate your new handicaps. Each round must be played with a club member whose name should be written in the ‘Marker’ box. One of the rounds, preferably the third, must be played with a committee member as marker. The Pro Shop staff can help you arrange this.

Each card must be headed ‘For Handicap”. All cards must be dated and both the player and the marker must sign them. At the end of each round, return the card to the staff in the Pro Shop. After your third round the Handicaps Team will calculate and inform you of your new handicap.

If you have had a handicap in the past and know your CDH number, please write it on the cards.

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