Etiquette & Dress Code

The Management and Committee have agreed an enlightened attitude to the dress code requirements on the course and in the Clubhouse and request the co-operation of members, guests and society members in adhering to the following:


• Donnington Grove is a SOFT SPIKES ONLY course.
• Pets such as Dogs are NOT allowed on the golf course.
• It is the responsibility of members and visitors to present themselves with attire and footwear which is smart, clean and tidy and appropriate for the circumstances
• The Clubhouse has every facility required for changing into and from golfing apparel. Changing in the Car Park is not permitted.
• Golf and sports bags are only allowed in the Changing Rooms.

Dress Code - Golf Course & Practice Ground:

• Shirts, in general, must be collared but collarless shirts marketed as golf wear are acceptable.
• Shirts for men must have long or short sleeves and must be worn inside waistband at all times.
• Men’s shorts must be tailored to maximum of knee length.
• Short sports socks for men are permitted but they must be predominantly white and a minimum of ankle length.
• Ladies however may wear tops outside their trousers, cropped trousers, shorts or skirts when they are designed to do so.
• No jeans, denims or track-suit bottoms.
• Recognised golf shoes with soft spikes must be worn. Training shoes are not allowed.
• Peaked hats or caps must not be worn other than with the peak to the front and must be removed before entering the Clubhouse.
• Pets such as Dogs are NOT allowed on the golf course unless it has been agreed with management.

Dress Code – Clubhouse:

• Smart casual wear before and after play.
• Golf shoes are allowed in the bar area however must be clean and have soft spikes only.
• .
• No shell suits or track-suits.
• Wet or muddy apparel is not allowed.
• Jacket and tie may be required for formal functions and Club matches.


• Members and Visitors are expected to behave and conduct themselves in a manner that does not cause either offence or nuisance to members, guests, staff or visitors to the Club. Conduct, which in particular, will not be tolerated, includes foul language, lewd or obscene language or behaviour.
• Staff are empowered to caution those who breach this rule and, in extreme cases, to request that the person(s) leave the premises and, as a last resort, to report such behaviour to the Committee.

Mobile Phone Policy:

• Use of mobile phones on the golf course is not permitted. However, they may be taken onto the course for use in genuine emergencies only and must remain on silent/vibrate. Golfers may be asked to leave the course if observed using a mobile phone out with these conditions.
• Mobile phones may be used ‘discretely’ within the confines of the Clubhouse.

Pace of Play:

• All golfers are required to maintain a good pace of play by keeping up with the group in front.
• If your group falls behind or it is clear that the following group are playing at a faster pace, you should invite them group to play through.
• If you think your ball may be lost or hard to find, you should play a provisional ball.
• Be ready to play when it is your turn.
• When you have finished a hole, clear the green quickly. Mark your card on the next tee and not on or beside the green.

Your co-operation in following these simple rules will avoid any potentially embarrassing confrontations with staff and members.

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